"This place seems so... MYSTERIOUS."

The Mysterious Dr. Who?
Incarnation 4
Regeneration Cause The TIME WAR
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Forgettable War (Alternate Timeline)

Companions and Allies N/A
Theme X-Files Theme

About Edit

Mysterious Dr. Who? is the incarnation that fought in the 'Time War' that his later incarnations often talk about. He tries to be mysterious, despite the fact that he tends to mouth off quite a bit.

Outfit Edit

The Mysterious Dr. Who wears a plain blue shirt, with blue jeans and a dark blue coat. He also wears a red tie, just to throw people off. He always wears his *mysterious* sunglasses to protect his identity or something. It is a *mystery* if this Doctor has a sonic screwdriver or not, but we can only guess that it is the same MK1 Sonic Dr. Who used, but with an added 'Blow up Stuff' feature. He also has a gun because war.

Adventures Edit

The Mysterious Night of The Mysterious Dr. Who? Edit

The Doctors wanders a dark area, which he was summoned to, until a Cyberman ambushes him! However, this Cyberman isn't focused on coverting, or deletion or saying "EXCELLENT"- as he warns the Doctor about an impending doom that will require many incarnations. The Doctor then leaves.

Too Many Dr. Who?s: Fanfilms are Forever Edit

The Doctor, after stealing the moment, lands on a grassy planet to detonate it. Before he does so, he shoots down Chancellor Ulric, and is then confronted by The Interface. He is told to help his other incarnations in defeating the evil villain, Tape Van, but he declines until he is threatened by the interface into doing it anyway. He arrives after the day is saved, so he disappears off to go and destroy Gallifrey.

Ending The War Edit

The Mysterious Doctor destroys/saves Gallifrey in the ending moments of the time war, but in the process also gets himself gravely injured (either that or he ate a bad Nandos). This causes him to regenerate into his successor, the Moustache Doctor.