"I moustache you a question..."

The Moustache Doctor
Incarnation 5
Regeneration Cause Falling down Stairs
Prev. Mysterious
Next. Proper Bonkers
Companions and Allies N/A

About Edit

The Moustache Doctor is obsessed with Yorkshire tea, and many other variations- as long as it's not Lancashire tea! He also suffers from some kind of memory loss, as he frequently forgets facts and how to do things. His memory loss and love of Yorkshire Tea were concived by The Proper Bonkers Doctor, using The Canon Cannon of Rassilon, to stop Moustache Doctor from becoming a scheming destructive force.

Outfit Edit

The Moustache Doctor wears a Question Mark shirt, as well as plain trousers, shoes and Jumpers in red, Brown or Black. Later he wears a striped brown jacket with a blue handkerchief in the pocket, as well as ditching the Question Mark shirt for a plain blue one.

Adventures Edit

Hat AttacksEdit

coming soon

Murder Mystery of DoomEdit

The Doctor has set up a detective agency, and is called by Lord M. Stir, in which he is invited to investigate a murder at his manor. Lord M. Stir reveals himself to be both the murderer and The Master, but The Doctor has already collapsed from the drugged Yorkshire Tea that was given to him. He wakes up in his office with no recollection of the episode, apart from the ability to make a terrible pun.

The New DoctorEdit

The Doctor traces a time disturbance to an ordinary house, only to trip down a flight of stairs, and hit his head- causing him to regenerate into The Proper Bonkers Doctor.